nomachine: Server log file growing rapidly

In some cases, mainly dependent on system configuration, after having updated NoMachine Terminal Server to version 6, the server log file fills up rapidly with warning messages like:

2017-12-01 08:04:37 791.607 144754 NXSERVER WARNING! Process '/usr/NX/bin/nxexec /usr/NX/scripts/restricted/ mate-session mate-session' with pid '5111/5111' finished with exit code 1 after 0,014 seconds.
2017-12-01 08:04:37 791.829 144754 NXSERVER WARNING! __getProcessEnvironment /usr/NX/scripts/restricted/ finished with 1

This does not impact the software's functionalities.

As a workaround, it's suggested to set the server log level to 3 (Error condition):

1) Edit /usr/NX/etc/server.cfg, uncomment and set the following key:

  SessionLogLevel 3


Otherwise, it's possible to remove support for physical desktop access (which is already limited to special user like administrators and NoMachine trusted users):

1) Edit /usr/NX/etc/server.cfg file and remove 'physical-desktop' from the AvailableSessionTypes key.

2) Then restart NoMachine (this will terminate all running sessions):

  sudo /etc/NX/nxserver --restart 





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