Create Empty File(创建空文件):

Truncate a File(文件截取):

Get File Info(获取文件信息):

Rename and Move a File(移动和重命名文件):

Delete a File(文件删除):

Open and Close Files(打开关闭文件):

Check if File Exists(检查文件是否存在):

Check Read and Write Permissions(检查文件读写权限):

Change Permissions, Ownership, and Timestamps(更改权限,拥有者和时间戳):

Hard Links and Symlinks(硬连接和符号连接):

Copy a File(文件复制):

Seek Positions in File(搜索文件位置):

Write Bytes to a File(写入字节流到文件):

Quick Write to File(快速文件写入):

Use Buffered Writer:

Read up to n Bytes from File(文件字节流读取):

Read Exactly n Bytes(精确的读取字节流):

Read At Least n Bytes(获取左后一个字节):

Read All Bytes of File(读取文件所有字节):

Quick Read Whole File to Memory(快速读取文件到内存):

Use Buffered Reader:

Read with a Scanner:

Archive Files(文件归档):

Extract Archived Files(解压缩归档文件):

Compress a File(压缩文件):

Uncompress a File(文件解压):

Temporary Files and Directories(临时文件和目录):

Downloading a File Over HTTP(Http文件下载):

Hashing and Checksums(文件散列校验):








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